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Openshaw message commission.

So i was asked to make this painting for Andy Hawthorn at the message trust.  A christian charity which started the eden projects which operated in Openshaw.  I struggled a bit with this work as the picture i was given was in black in white, so the colour is all my own invention.

The picture did not work at all until i got to the pink blob in the foreground and the sky. You would maybe ask why there is a pink blob in the middle of the road, but if i was to take it away the painting would not work.  I am quietly not really sure why this is, but if you ever get stuck in a painting try a pink blob, or maybe a orange, or red.  I think it does something to the eye sending messages to the brain making the image more believable.

Any way this is nearly done, so come back in about a week and ill post the finished piece. Tomorrow i am back working on the Blackpool painting.  It has to be completed by the 4th of jan which is only a 2 weeks away.  I think i’m getting there but its hard as i cant put all 4 canvases together.  Ill let you know how it goes.

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  1. Sam Ward January 26, 2012

    I lived on this street before it was knocked down. You have dipicted it perfectly, colour and all. I wish I had it on my wall and would love to steal it from Mr Hawthorne. Fantastic

  2. Sam Ward April 19, 2013

    Do you do prints?
    Could you paint this again for me?

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