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29th of December and nearly there.

I have been working on this massive painting for a month now.  With all kind of distractions including Christmas, and a strange christmas rota which i cant quite get the hang of.  I am finally nearly there!  Work has to be completed and delivered by the 4 of Jan and i have 2 night shifts and and new year to work before then.  So here it is.

So as you can remember the painting is 250cm by 250cm and is being painted for the Themes Vally primary school in Blackpool.  It is oil on canvas and is made up from 4 panels, which only just fits in my studio when put together.  As you can see from previous blogs i have had to paint this in sections, two panels at a time.  I am very happy now that it is nearly done.

This is not the best picture but it shows the darks and lights well.    So i’m hoping that i will be able to finish it in time, i have got to the point where its not how much painting you do but what kind.    Let me know what you think.

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  1. tracy harrison January 2, 2011

    The painting looks brilliant! Can’t wait to see it for real. You’ve captured the school and the area just right – the colours look amazing. Hope you’ve still managed to have a good break over Christmas.

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