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Blackpool Painting Finished

So i have been blogging for some time about a painting i have been making for Thames Vally primary school in Blackpool.  I finished the painting around christmas time, but i had to wait a little bit before i could hang it.  It is now hung, which was an exciting event in its self.  I ended up standing on the top most rung of a big ladder trying screw in a mirror clip and being very high up.   So here is the painting,  As i have said in earlier posts that the painting is 8ft by 8ft.

Its so exciting to have received this commission, it has giving me a opportunity to make a big work which i don’t often get to do.  The big question is now where the next job will come from.  If any one would like a large painting to grace the walls of their building please give me a call.  I will be very happy to help.

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